Home Makover
Home Makover
Really loving the new 60 Minute Makeover programs at the moment that feature Peter Andre helping to improve people's houses with a quick makeover. In all honesty though, they really should call it "Home Makeover" as the makeover takes a day and no longer one hour.

Personally, I think that taking a whole day to perform the makeover makes loads more sense as a lot less rushing is involved and the whole 60 minute thing was purely a gimmick anyway.

What really does annoy me though is all the negativity that I see on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/itv60mm). People are entitled to an opinion and the makeovers are not everyones cup of tea, granted, but the amount of comments that I see that say "Why is that person having a makover" are wholly uncalled for.

The show is enriching the lives of 30 families, which is a massive undertaking. We need more shows like this and less people resenting the good that is being done to other people. 

There are hundreds if not thousands of people in this country that could benefit from an act of kindness like this, but as you can image, it's not possible to help everyone.

One thing we do need to understand though is that the people that have had a makeover on their homes have been recommended by friends and family, for a good reason. Most of these people are pillars to their family or community and always push forward and get on with their lives.

If all the "complainers" do is complain all day long, think the world is against them and never seen the good in anything then who in their right mind is going to recommend them? Food for thought there.
My advice to these complainers is to "sow more than you reap" and one day, lady luck may come knocking at your door!